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Amazing Facts: Strange Animal

1. Angler Fish (Scary Fish)
amazing strange animal

2. Komondor Dog
amazing strange animal

3. Angora Rabbit
amazing strange animal

4. Proboskis Monkey
amazing strange animal amazing strange animal

5. Axolotl
amazing strange animal

6. Aye-Aye
amazing strange animal amazing strange animal

7. Dumbo Octopus (20 cm tall)
amazing strange animal

8. Blobfish (usually located in Australia Shore)
amazing strange animal

9. Yeti Crab
amazing strange animal

10. Purple Polar Bear (change into purple after gibe birth, back to white after few days)
amazing strange animal


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World's Smallest Horse

Amazing Fact | World's Smallest Horse
In the summer of 2006, Guinness World Records certified Thumbelina as the world’s smallest living horse. In fact, at 17 1/2 inches tall, she is the smallest horse on record.

Thumbelina was born on May 1st, 2001 on Goose Creek Farms in St. Louis, MO. At just 8 1/2 pounds and 10 inches tall, her birth was quite a shock for everyone. Because both parents were standard miniature horses, no one expected Thumbelina to be a dwarf mini, or mini mini as we like to say. To our delight, she proved to be a real fighter and eventually overcame her early challenges.

Today, Thumbelina is perfectly healthy and fits right in with the rest of the herd. Somehow she has even become the boss of all the other animals on the farm, dogs included. As a youngster, Thumbelina declared the barn doghouse as her new home. To the dogs’ dismay, she has been sleeping in their house ever since.
Although she is smaller than most newborn miniatures, Thumbelina seems to have no idea that she is so tiny. She apparently believes that she’s the world’s largest horse. For this reason, Thumbelina is an endless source of amusement on the farm.

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